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Looking for professional engineers to handle your next project?

Electric Wiring

We do installation of cables and associated devices such as sockets, distribution boards, and light fittings. Our engineers are experts in this area.

Meter Installation

Our company does installation of household meters to the satisfaction of our customers. The engineers are good at it.

Voltage Extension

We do extension of voltages in companies, institutions, organizations, schools and houses. Extend your voltage with us at anytime.

Meter Replacement

We do meter replacement for clients who do request for their meters to be replaced. Replacement of meter is easy with us.

Ghana Certified Contractors

House Wiring

Our experts engineers take the privilege to do all the customers household wiring. We therefore handle light fitting, cabling, sockets and distribution boards.

education buildings

We have worked most educational institutions and have done amazing works for them. We take the entire institution and design with our incredible services to the advantage of the institution.

Government Building

Government building likes Ghana Water Company, Electrical Company of Ghana and many others have their company work done by us. We take the entire government building and design with their interest at hand.

Farming out Projects

We have carried out great farming projects that have make impact in the lives of our customers. Our farming projects are usually outstanding and meet modern projects standards.

About GBEEL company

God Bless Electrical Engineering Limited (GBEEL) seek to get involved early in the design phase so that we can manage the project more efficiently, provide effective electrical solutions, and identify challenges early on to mitigate design changes after every project commencement.

Best Offer

Our offers are best because our vision is to provide competent, timely and value for money delivery of projects and contracts to all our customers which includes you.

Also, we seek to provide our clients with effective and efficient electrical solutions at their various homes, government offices as well as private offices.

Why Choose GBEEL?

Reasons why you choose us highly depend on core values that set us apart from our competitors in the system.

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